Valerie Dyer is a nurse and midwife who previously worked as an army nurse. She is played by Jennifer Kirby.

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Introduced in the second episode of Series Six, Valerie Dyer was a nurse with the Queen Alexandria's Army Corp. She resigned from the army after becoming weary of the routineness of that type of nursing, describing it as "Plenty of curing. Not quite so much caring". Not one to sit with her feet up, Valerie became a landlady at her aunt's pub, The Black Sail while figuring out her options, but Valerie's nursing instinct never left her.

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One fateful day in 1962, Valerie was pulling pints in the pub when a warehouse on the docks was rocked by an explosion. Valerie was alerted to the situation when the explosion caused some of the bottles in the pub to rattle; her nursing instinct kicked in and she raced to the scene, where she helped Shelagh tend to workmen who'd been caught up in the explosion and check them for smoke damage and burns, and were then informed there were two men in the building, so Valerie and Shelagh went inside to try and help them. Sadly one of the men died while the other went blind.

After Sister Julienne secured the funds to engage a new District Midwife, she and Phyllis Crane interviewed several potential candidates, however none of them were really suitable for the job. Then Sister Julienne remembered Valerie and how she had helped Shelagh that day on the docks, so she went to The Black Sail to talk to Valerie and attempt to persuade her to apply for the job. Valerie didn't take much persuading; she applied for the job straight away and got it and moved to Nonnatus House. Sister Monica Joan recognized Valerie and told her that she and Sister Evangelina both assisted in her birth.

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While many of the Nonnatus House staff have landed there from other places, Valerie was bred and raised in the London Poplar neighborhood and she identifies strongly with her community. Season 7 will continue to show her investment and commitment in "her people". .

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In the 2017 Christmas episode, Valerie reveals she is an atheist.

According to Sister Monica Joan, Valerie was born in the middle of a blizzard.

Valerie was delivered by both Sister Monica Joan and Sister Evangelina. Sister Monica Joan, despite her poor memory, remembered all the details as if it happened yesterday; she even remembered cutting Valerie's umbilical cord.

in season 7 it is revealed that valerie left the army after being in an inquiry

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