Valerie Dyer is a nurse and midwife who previously worked as an army nurse. She is played by Jennifer Kirby.

Biography Edit

Introduced in the second episode of Series Six, pub landlady Valerie Dyer previously worked as a nurse for the Queen Alexandria's Army Corp. After leaving the army, Valerie spent some time at home before she began pulling pints in her aunt's pub. One fateful day in 1962, a warehouse on the docks was rocked by an explosion. Valerie was alerted to the situation when the explosion caused some of the bottles in the pub to rattle; her nursing instinct kicked in and she raced to the scene, where she helped Shelagh tend to a couple of burns victims, one of whom died whilst the other lost his sight.

After Sister Julienne secured the funds to engage a new midwife, several potential candidates were interviewed but none of them were suitable. But then she remembered Valerie and how she had aided Shelagh that day at the docks, so she went to the pub where Valerie worked and persuaded her to apply for the job, which she did, and got it. On her first day, Sister Monica Joan recognized Valerie and told her that she and Sister Evangelina both assisted in her birth.

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