Reggie Jackson is a ward that sometimes lives with Frederick and Violet Buckle. He has Downs Syndrome.

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Reggie is a kind hearted soul, though easily trusting. He has Downs Syndrome which means he is intellectually disabled, though not incapable of learning.

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Series 6 Edit

When we are first introduced to Reggie, he is shown with his elderly mother who runs their life based on schedules and images, to make it understandable and memorable for Reggie to function for short periods without her. One evening when she is headed to church, she tells Reggie she will be back at six in the evening, making sure Reggie understands what that will look like on the clock. However, at church, she suffers a massive heart attack and dies before she hits the floor. Thus begins Reggie's journey.

Series 7 Edit

In series 7, Reggie returns for a picnic that Violet is hosting, and is the first person to find where the smallpox infected dock worker is hiding. He realizes the man is in trouble, and goes to investigate, and is kind and leaves him bread to eat, when he hears he is hungry.

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"Hello, mum!" Reggie to Violet after Fred brings him home from the group home to help Violet cope with menopause

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