Nonnatus House is home to the Nuns of the Order of St. Raymund Nonnatus, and is the headquarters for their work in midwifery and nursing in the district of Poplar, London. Along with the nuns, Nonnatus is home to the midwives, nurses, and Nuns that work there.

Overview Edit

Nonnatus House was originally located in a different building, but this was scheduled to be demolished at the end of Series Two.

Residents Edit

Present: Sister Julienne
(Before Season 1-)
Sister Monica Joan
(Before Season 1-)
Trixie Franklin
(Before Season 1-)
Sister Winifred
(Season 3-)
Barbara Gilbert
(Season 4-)
Phyllis Crane
(Season 4-)
Delia Busby
(Season 5-)
Valerie Dyer
(Season 6-)

Former: Sister Evangelina
(Before Season 1-5)
Shelagh Turner
(Before Season 1-2)
Jenny Lee
(Season 1-3)Returm 5
Sister Mary Cynthia
(Before Season 1-6)
Chummy Noakes
(Season 1, 2)
Jane Sutton
(Season 2)
Patsy Mount
(Season 3-6)
Peter Noakes
(Season 2)
Freddie Noakes
(Season 2)
Reverend Applebee-Thornton
(Season 2)
Sister Ursula
(Season 6)

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