Wear the uniform.
Being a midwife in the 1950s isn't for the faint-hearted. But if you think what you have to join the ranks of the women of Nonnatus House, sign up and start cataloguing what the San Francisco Chronicle has called a most "poignant and often heartbreaking" television show. This wikia is looking not just for basic character and plot information. It seeks to have an article about every place, object, building and medical concept in the series. Help us make this the web's most complete resource on the people of Poplar!

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Meet the gang.
The blessing — and the curse — of a large ensemble cast is that there are a lot of names to remember. On Call the Midwife, one's memory isn't helped by the fact that most of the main characters are in some kind of uniform. So, to help you figure out who's whom, use this little scorecard:
ThumbJenny ThumbChummy ThumbTrixie ThumbCynthia
Jenny Chummy Trixie Cynthia
ThumbPatsy ThumbBarbara ThumbPhyllis ThumbJulienne
Patsy Barbara Phyllis Sister Julienne
ThumbEvangelina ThumbMonicaJoan ThumbWinifred ThumbBernadette
Sister Evangelina Sister Monica Joan Sister Winifred Shelagh Turner
Watch the nuns.
On the off-chance that somehow you've never met any of the nuns and nurses that are imbedded into this work of autobiographical fiction, take a look at why you should be watching:
Call The Midwife trailer - BBC One01:07

Call The Midwife trailer - BBC One

Who's your favourite midwife?

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