The 2014 Christmas Special aired on Christmas Day 2014. It was set between Series 3 and 4.

Overview Edit

When harsh conditions at a home for expecting unwed mothers are exposed, Chummy and Patsy are required to take over the running of the home, and later convince a young woman she isn't really set on giving up her baby for adoption. Meanwhile, Cynthia wrestles with a calling to become a nun, and an encounter with a former inmate from a mental institution helps her to make up her mind and she leaves the midwifery to become a postulant. Although the character of Jenny was written out at the end of the previous season, Vanessa Redgrave continues to provide narrations as "Mature Jenny", and Redgrave even appears on-screen in the role for the first time.

Plot Edit


Quotes Edit

Sister Evangelina: Sister Monica Joan has arranged the figurines in what she calls "conversational groupings". What in the name of goodness is the Angel Gabriel going to say to the ass?!

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